Games and Brain Injuries

BlackCherry has been involved in the creation of educational and casual games for some time now. An example of one of our long standing educational games is:Path of the Elders . Our interest in educational games has remained strong and it is always good to see there are areas of focus that we haven’t considered for further development.

One area, that interests me, probably due to my longstanding interest in neuroscience, is the use of games to help treat brain injuries. This site has a number of games, many of which are free, which all seem interesting as models for future development. Brain Injury Society Games

There are of course, many others:
Think Fun
Fat Brain Toys
Life Changing Mobile Apps

It’s always great to see games being used in diverse areas such as brain injury rehabilitation. There is truly endless potential, much still untapped, in the area of game-based learning.

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John Mark Seck is President and CEO of BlackCherry. John oversees the company's overall direction and strategy. As a producer, John has more than 15 years experience in the creative industries including, game development, new media and television. He loves exploring the potential for games and new media to tell rich and compelling stories.

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