Oculus VR and the Changes to Come

While there are always technological developments that excite me I don’t think many have come close to the feeling I had when I saw OculusVR appear on Kickstarter.  It was something I knew that I, and BlackCherry had to get behind soon and I’m really glad we did.  We’ve had the dev kit for some time now and we are starting to get our heads around all the incredible possibilities this technology opens up.

In gaming, it’s clear that VR could turn the casual tide back to AAA. Immersive experiences, of the type offered by Oculus will, in the next few years, become the norm, the expectation of gamers everywhere.

As is probably obvious to most who are familiar with VR and it’s possibilities, this potential doesn’t only apply to gaming.  Facebook’s recent acquisition of Oculus, for $2 Billion shows that this technology will soon become the norm for social interaction.

One area I’m really interested to see VR applied is in the area of education.  Imagine a geography class where you could actually visit the places you are studying, a virtual day trip to Paris or an African savannah. Imagine a history class where you could visit the Egyptian pyramids, or the Great Wall of China.  The possibilities are endless and incredible to consider.

The next few years are going to open up some stunning possibilities and I’m excited to take part in these incredible changes.

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