BC Gesture Library: Get Gestures in your Unity3D Games Today!

Get gestures up and running in your Unity3D games in ten minutes or less!

The BC Gesture Library has been uniquely designed by our team of experienced Unity3D developers for members of the Unity3D community. It’s a set of C# classes that lets users access gesture scripts from the Unity project window and apply them directly to game objects for touch- and mouse-based games and applications. The BlackCherry development team has spent the past year putting together this easy-to-use gesture library for drag-and-drop application. Just drag code from the project window and drop it onto an object to give it gesture abilities. It’s that simple!

BC Gesture Library also comes with a rich graphical UI allowing you to explore the extensive collection of gestures and options for touch, drag, slice, swipe, and many more. And if you’re not sure about the gesture, the Library’s user-friendly interface lets you test the gesture before applying it to the object. Whether you’re a game studio or a game-making enthusiast, the BC Gesture Library is guaranteed to greatly improve your ability to produce touch- and mouse-based games, saving you both time and money.

Get the BC Gesture Library at the Unity Asset Store now!


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