Trouble Inc. – Good Things Come to Those Who Wait


Trouble Inc. circa 2008


Well, it’s been a long time coming.

It was 2008 when the idea for Trouble Inc. first took shape. Since then BlackCherry has gone through a lot of changes and so has Trouble Inc. What started out as a multi-platform property has evolved into a transmedia brand. Over this time there have been huge shifts in the game industry too. Retail is done, digital download is up. Mobile devices have appeared in more and more gamers hands and whole new genres like casual and social have created entire new audiences for games.

It would be easy over a long period of time to loose sight of a goal or decide maybe it wasn’t meant to be. But somehow, these characters, Joe Blaze, Ryder, Z, The Head, Maice, Enormous and Abominable and all the others have kept speaking to me. They’ve cracked jokes, caused endless trouble and solved planet sized problems, but only for me. Now it’s exciting to see they will soon do the same for you.

While it’s been an incredibly busy year, Trouble Inc. has slowly but surely gained momentum. Starting with investment from our encouraging investors at Dowslake Venture we’ve built a stellar team to bring Trouble Inc. to the world. We are also lucky to be working with a talented and hilarious writing team, Matthew Reid and Sean Browning. Their off-the-wall humour has meshed perfectly with the random, unpredictable universe of Trouble Inc.

It’s great to see the game prototype taking shape. Trouble Inc. will roll out on iPad in the summer of 2012. There will be an iPad game and comic book series to introduce the world to our wacky universe.

Look out everybody, There’s Trouble Ahead!



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John Mark Seck is President and CEO of BlackCherry. John oversees the company's overall direction and strategy. As a producer, John has more than 15 years experience in the creative industries including, game development, new media and television. He loves exploring the potential for games and new media to tell rich and compelling stories.

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